Gemcrafters & Explorers Club

Welcome to the on-line home of the Gemcrafters & Explorers Club of Las Cruces, New Mexico. We are locally known as the Las Cruces Rockhounds, hence our Web address

First-time visitors and club members alike can use this website for information on current activities and news related to the club. The About page provides the purpose, By-Laws, current officers, and general information on meetings and field trips. The Meetings page provides information on the next meeting and an archive of past meetings. The Field Trips page describes the next field trip and provides an archive to past field trips. The Newsletters page provides the current issue of El Gambrisino Bulletin and an archive to past issues.

General Meetings

Information on the next general membership meeting can be found here.

Field Trips

Information on the next field trip can be found here.

2016 Christmas Party

The 2016 Christmas Party has been firmed up. Click here for details.